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What is Prodigy Creations?

What's up fellow audio nerds! My name is Cody Jumper, you can call me CJ! I want to thank you for visiting my corner of the Internet, welcome! Since a very early age, I have had a passion and fascination with music, and this is ultimately what inspired me to form Prodigy Creations. I picked up the guitar at age 11, and ever since then I have had an obsession with music and sound. This lead me into music production, which lead me into audio engineering, which lead me into mixing in both live settings and home studio settings. I have learned what I know through EXPERIENCE and making mistakes along the way and LEARNING from them. I formed Prodigy Creations not only from my love for music and audio, but also out of my desire to TEACH others. I understand the frustrations and confusions of learning about audio by yourself, and I WANT TO HELP YOU!

If you've ever tried to get into audio production and found it too complex; whether it be learning a digital audio workstation (DAW), complications with recording, or the daunting task of mixing a song; I want to help you! I know all of these things can seem very complex if you don't have the best resources. My goal is to help teach you these things in a clear and concise way, whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer who needs a refresher course on a topic (I need refreshers often). The important thing to remember is that, like with anything, these things take practice and mentorship to get better at. IT'S NOT HARD! It just takes time.

So take some time to check out my content and let's get better together! I also offer mixing services and sell instrumental tracks, check out my "Services" tab for more info on that. Thank you so much for stopping by, and happy creating!

Your friend,

Cody Jumper (CJ)

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